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The Monty Python Channel The Bridge of Death


1)  How does King Arthur defeat the Keeper of the Bridge of Death?

  • By asking him a question he can't answer
  • By throwing him into the Gorge of Eternal Peril
  • By creeping past him, unseen
  • By paying him lots of money

2)  What is the quest of the Knights and their King?

  • To discover the meaning of life
  • To seek the Holy Grail
  • To rescue fair maidens
  • To capture the Holy Land

3)  Who crosses the bridge first?

  • Arthur, King of the Britons
  • Sir Lancelot of Camelot
  • Brave Sir Robin

4)  Why does Sir Galahad of Camelot get his answer wrong?

  • He forgets his quest
  • He forgets his favorite color
  • He knows nothing about swallows
  • He forgets his name

5)  What will happen to anyone who gets one of the the bridge keeper's questions wrong?

  • They will be asked another question
  • They will be cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril
  • They will have to go home
  • They will be allowed to cross the Bridge of Death

6)  How many questions does one have to answer, to cross the Bridge of Death?

  • One
  • Three
  • Five
  • Ten